It is with great delight and pleasure to write this referral letter for Lupe Ramirez.

I've known Lupe for over 25 years, she was just starting her career in the janitorial supply business. My first encounter with Lupe was as a sales representative for Waxie Sanitary Supply, I found Lupe to be energetic and dedicated, she had a positive attitude and was very knowledgeable with her company and their products. if there was something, she was unsure of, she would politely respond by saying "Let me research that and I will get back to you" which is something I appreciated instead of second guessing or acting like she knew the answer. Lupe had always proven herself as a leader of innovated techniques and practices, she always came prepared and did her homework when it came to demos or she would bring in her experts to insure we got all our questions or concerns answered. 

About 2003 she informed us that she would be moving to Arizona, but she would still be willing to handle all our supply needs, at first I felt she wouldn't be able to handle our needs, her being so far, but Lupe with her passion for her clients she somehow made it happen with efficiency and accuracy. This was no easy task for either her nor myself, I was responsible for an organization that had 34 sites in 7 different cities with a student population of 42 thousand students. On occasion there would be a request for something special that was not a common part or piece of equipment, I would contact Lupe and she would respond with "I bet I can locate it for you" and yes she would come through for us, even if it was through another vendor somehow she made it happen. 

About 2009, Lupe returned to California and became a representative for a company called Unisource which we continued to give her our business and she continued to provide great service. Lupe's ability to think analytically and her solution orientated approach to our organizational needs had earned her the respect and confidence of our supervisory / management team. One of her greatest traits was she always dealt with us with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Lupe's professional demeanor and her interpersonal skills were above reproach. I would routinely receive unsolicited praise from staff or whoever she came into contact with, which was much appreciated. On occasion I tried unsuccessfully to persuade her to apply to our organization assuring her she would be a valuable asset to our organization, but to no avail, she was very happy and dedicated to her company.

Since my first interactions with Lupe, I knew she would make a name for herself, with her passion for her profession and her respect for the people she comes in contact with, one of Lupe's famous line as she would leave our meetings was "It is my responsibility to teach you to work smarter not harder!"

I therefore offer my highest recommendation and success without reservation.  


Tony Gutierrez

Director of Maintenance & Operations, MUSD