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Absolute Industrial Supplies, brings 55 plus years of experience to the janitorial supply industry.  We understand providing problem solving for customers, in any vertical, is important.  Together we strive to provide the best collaboration for this.  We serve all verticals, manufacture, school districts, cities, healthcare and government entities; therefore, understand how important it is to bring the best product knowledge and experience and be able to provide them all with the products needed to resolve all issues.  We take pride in offering the best product to our customers by connecting with the best manufactures.  We offer online ordering with the to each customer’s individual needs.  Absolute Industrial Supplies is a family owned company that believes in taking care of our customer’s needs. 


It is Absolute Industrial Supplies mission to be the industry leader for problem solving, bringing innovating supplies and equipment to the vertical we serve.  With value added services and product, it will bring more effectiveness in communication, training and education to our valued customers.  Helping our customers needs is a priority for us.  



Absolute Industrial Supplies
  • RESPECT – Treat customers, employees, and vendors with integrity and respect.
  • TRUST - Doing what we say, we will do, will bring trust to our customers and           
  • ETHICS - Have employee’s with strong ethics and values to treat our customers and each other with integrity.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - Doing what it takes to ensure our customer is taken care of.
  • PEOPLE – The people at Absolute are valued and are the most important part of our company. As a team, we are one and are able to support and grow together. 


David Abdeen

David Abdeen

President and Co-Founder of Absolute Industrial Supplies

David Abdeen, our President and Co-Founder, is a Facility Solutions specialist who partners with CEO’s, physicians, small business owners, and office managers to create solutions to answer all manner of office cleaning, disinfection, and sanitary supplies questions. David understands what every business truly needs to provide healthy and safe work environments for all.

With over 20 years in the commercial janitorial industry, David is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive cleaning results in every type of office and industry at every level of sanitation. He has partnered with such giants as JaniKing and OpenWorks to help grow their business footprints in the California and Arizona markets since the late 1990’s.